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Paving planner – how to use guide

View our guide, providing a step by step process on how to use the Paving Planner tool, with lots of useful tips on designing your layout.

Browser and software requirements

Paving Planner requires certain browsers to function properly. If there are issues with the tool please ensure you are using one of the following browser; Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer 9 (or above).

Adobe reader is required for PDF download and print at the end of the process – access here if you currently don’t have it at the Adobe Reader website.


Quantity - The Paving Planner tool is only a guide to quantity, shape and pattern of your selected paving. To confirm exact quantities please discuss with your installer and Bradstone stockist.

Colour - If you desire a mix of colours within your design please discuss with your Bradstone stockist about options of varying your quantities and getting a selection of different shades.

Random patterns - Certain paving options may have issues generating an optimum pattern for your paving area (Ancestry and Old Riven predominantly). Regenerate the random pattern until one fits the design.


Borders selected on your design are not to scale so don't be put off if they are not in keeping with the size of your design.

On your pattern make sure you click on the sides which you want to contain a border when on this section. A shaded border will appear around the whole design, you then need to select which of these sides you would like to be included by click on them.


Feature's selected as part of your design may distort your pattern, for example remove certain paving sections, if this happens please contact an installer for further advice on whether this feature can be incorporated appropriately within your design. They will always be able to contribute some sort of resolution.

Features are only available as certain colours and paving materials. Your selected feature may not directly match up with your chosen paving but may be complementary, so be sure you are choosing a feature appropriate to your selected paving. Discuss further with a stockist or installer, as they will be able to advise you on alternative feature options available and how to adapt the design accordingly.

We would welcome any feedback on our Paving Planner, or if you have any questions regarding the tool, please use this link.